Committee work is where the work of the Ownership and Board comes together and happens. The Board forms and oversees standing and ad hoc committees to tackle issues and needs of the Co-op. Owners join the committee and meet regularly or as needed in order to fulfill the goal. If you would like to serve on a committee, please contact the Board President.



Standing Committees

Finance Mary Ann Haxton, Emmy Andersson, Claire Gelinas, Jessica Lilly, Kate Chesley

The Finance Committee works with the General Manager on the annual budget and meets to ensure that the budget is being met, makes revisions where necessary and ensures that the fuduciary responsibilities of the Co-op are in order.

Meetings Every second Thursday of each month from 9-10am or as needed.


Hearth Tenders Marty Elkin, Katey Branch, Rick Meagher

The Hearth Tenders ensure that the spirit of the Co-op is healthy and that the Owners are served. Hearthe Tenders conduct regular Owner Orientations at the Co-op to bring new Owners up to speed on the governance of the Co-op and how the Market works. They go over volunteering opportunities in the market and on committees.

Meetings Quarterly, contact the Board President for more information.


Marketing Emmy Andersson, Zizi Vlaun

The Marketing Committee creates and implements the Marketing Plan.

Meetings TBD



Managing volunteers is a big job at the Co-op and very necessary. Volutneering is where the Ownership can get involved with the Co-op and do their fair share. It's important for this committee to manage volunteers, identifiy needs, and work closely with the General Manager to have many hands truly make light work.

Meetings TBD



Ad Hoc Committees

Energy & Building Zizi Vlaun, Jessica Lilly, Don McLean, Shawn Kane, Scott Vlaun, Forrest Tinsley

This committee was formed to set goals for sustainability and achieving a net-zero model of energy reliance in the community. The committee worked with Efficiency Maine and individual contractors in the area to install a new heat pump system and LED lighting. An Energy Audit was completed in 2012 and the committee has been working on a plan to bring the building into compliance and eventually achieve a net-zero footprint on the planet.

Meetings As needed


Policy Governance Lisa Moore, Matt Sunday, Marty Elkin, Zizi Vlaun

This task force was created to revise the Fare Share PG Register, policy by policy, so that it (1) reflects the current philosophy and practices of the Board and GM, (2) has a trimmer, more concise readability, and (3) will effectively guide the Board and Co-op into the next phase of its history and development.

Meetings As needed


Succession Mary Ann Haxton, Claire Gelinas

This task force was created to create a hiring process for the General Manager position. The committee worked with the National Cooperative Grocers Association to ensure that best practices were met in order to attract and hire a new General Manager.

Meetings As needed.




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